American Smile, British Teeth

by Chas Palmer-Williams

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Chas's debut album. Successfully crowd funded and produced by Pete Frasier (The Pogues, John Newman, Man Like Me) with numerous guest players.


released May 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Chas Palmer-Williams Brighton, UK

Chas is the former singer from the band Lightyear. Respected for their work ethic, “unorthodox” live show and strong grass root origins
With detailed, clever, humorous and sad lyrics about Midlands pride (ahem), losing loved ones, the confusion of what happens when your life doesn't pan out the way you planned and an undying geek love for games workshop.
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Track Name: Ive never felt better
Blood is thicker than Evian
Read that word backwards
Believe that, you’ll believe anyone
And technology is consuming me
Im going old school
Im using quills, morse code and a pleasant pigeon. That magazines just page 3
With tattoos stuck on them
That chaps a rapper now
His band doesn't like him
She said it’s Chinese and a water symbol I said that’s highly original
I need lessons in melody, not melancholy The year i became ordinary
Bob Marley’s now a pair of headphones Johnny Cash is soon to be a business loan I get off, it’s day 1, I've had enough of this Then i have to pay 30p for a piss
I see you've got the sign for C.N.D
She says “I'm not to sure what you mean” I need lessons in melody, not melancholy The year i became ordinary
In the words of Douglas E. Fairbanks Ive never felt better
Track Name: Get the big calculator
There’s roughly
Three million, seven hundred and seventy four thousand, nine hundred and sixty one Germs on that door handle right now
And each one is staring at me
Whispering to his mates
Look at the state of that guy
Let’s have an argument about an argument
Pretend it’s the first one this year, that’s fine
Because everybody generalises, everybody does, all of the time
Those gloves on the railings aren't lost
They’re waving
Im trying to see the positive in almost everything But that bloody crow
he left his size 3’s on my face
He’s footless and he’s footloose
Even he is smiling
We dropped in and out
We power slid our names in the concrete
Call me butter fingers
Call me margarine feet
Anybody's better than no one
At a time like this
As you talk about yourself for hours and what you do as you mine sweep that drink
I trip, i pretend to run, i carry on running.
Track Name: They call me "A" bomb
The party’s over, someone’s pissed in the sink
It’s that dirty old man who keeps giving me a wink
Someone chatting up the bass bin,
Im feeling like anyone who’s not off their head’s has left and leaving
Do the kids still say K hole?
Do the kids still say later’s?
Do they say special K for Ketamine?
Do they say methylenedioxymethamphetamine?
You should have come on down like the price is right Up since 99, what’s one more night?
Add an “N” add an “A’
To M.D.M.A
Were there’s a will there’s a way There’s a will, there’s a way
Those come downs come keen
When you work in the city in the week
Sniffing coke off a Spin Doctors record
Your Still shouting Micheal. J. Fox at people on skateboards Good lord
Track Name: It's all part of the bereavement dividend
It was all part of the bereavement dividend Dave double dropped a Fishermans Friend He was up all night
His highness with the cleared sinus
A cough that could cut down Geoff Capes
Role ups from a Scuttler on our breaks
Make a mix with anything and everything on hand
With a spring in your step at Beachy Head
Another dream washes up dead
There’s only so many times i can play the Hull Adelphi On the talkative end of a shot of Lysterine
How’s your mother been?
I didn’t like her
I didn’t like he anyway
It’s the same old story
American smile, British teeth
Half your heart in your handkerchief When your kids can’t eat
You do whatever’s necessary
Went body popping on your grave Drank cheap aftershave
Draft Old Spice and a Gaviscon chaser Power Lines are bored of skipping ropes Cooling towers sit and smoke
I think the thin one drank the bong water He’s spewing everywhere
Friends are pushing up daisy’s like crazy There’s something in the air
There’s something in this shit that we all drink
I bet you go with him to the shops
In your old Pyjamas and your bed socks I hope your happy
You tied the knot
So i tied the knot
Friends are pushing out baby’s
Like crazy
Theres something in the air
There’s something in this shit that we all drink
Track Name: Re-cite it, you scum
If anybody else asks me
What i really do for a living
Im going to scream
I was in a mildly successful 90’s ska punk band
were’ve you been man, were’ve you been
And open mic’s don’t
pay for flights
id love to be queuing in an easy jet que.
I know i look like my washing machines on strike
But why is the guy at guitar and keyboard so rude

Ive heard of the word pension
Ive heard of the word retire
Investment is committing to a double sided flyer
Im a musician, in the loosest sense of the word
are we still ok

30 minutes to stage time
The first band are going home
20 minutes to stage time
The drummer’s girl friends on the phone
10 minutes to stage time
The audience has doubled
So that guys not all alone
5 minutes to stage to time the drummer’s girlfriends back on the phone

Ill tell you what id really like to see

GG Allin in a broken down lift with one direction
Track Name: You'd worry a nest of rats
32 is to young to drink with the devil The only thing holding her together Is 3 shades of Rimmel
It’s the benefit of benefit
It hides the bottles in her frown lines The wedding was beautiful
The groom dutiful
Now he swigs on stomach pump wine
Traffic lights change
But nothing ever passes by
She sits on a bench with a thirst to quench Whisky, Whisky’s what she cries
Her flat used to smell
Like a burnt out clutch
She broke the tags off the gin
She’s not allowed back in the Booze Bin Wore a hole in the bar
At the horse and cart
She wants her measures exact
She passes outback of the brewery tap
Track Name: Jager for you, for me formaldehyde
Im washed up
This is is
Any type of career hangs by the skin of its teeth
As i moon walk down the isle
And the vultures are hanging off the side of the church she put a pound in the collection
you could see it hurt
Why these religious speeches?
We could make this life and incredible adventure
God damn that clergy man
God damn his lies
And a conga might be frowned upon in the house of the lord Put your cross away and smile
The crematorium incinerator wouldn’t work
The vicar said have you tried turning it off and on again? Someone got caught going round the back sneaking in Said the guest list is full but you better let me in
My mate used to work burning coffins, burning stiffs With rigamortis setting in
you've got to keep your uper lip stiff
and in turn,
in that urn you get with your dead relatives in
Its just brick dust
All you get is brick dust
When i go
The end of this journey
Lets go drinking like Weekend At Burnie’s The rounds are finally on me
I know i tried when i was alive
Jager for you
For my formaldehyde
It gets so cold down here
A friendly little worm visits once a year He talks of people wearing crocks Parking in disabled spots
Clean up that dog shit
This worm is sick of it
People who walk slow
And public displays of affection
Smile, While you still have teeth, you miserable... This anxiety can be crushing and crippling
and it’s a miracle
Your still with me and my G.N.V.G
From 1992
You know i worry about anything and everything.
Billy Ray Valentine, Capricorn
I wish i was that cool, i wish i had some sort of scam. Life's going like the clappers,
it used to be just skateboarding and 90’s rapper’s Now my short term memories left in tatters
Im starting to pay attention to mortgage matters
Nights out are more ear plugs than drugs
And you know were you can shove your free hugs
But we’ve still got it If we need it
When we need it
What we going to do when David Attenborough dies
Akeem Joffer, King of Zamunda Well wish i was that cool
I wish i had some sort of plan Life's going like the drop of a hat It used to be Neil's old fiesta Fart spray
Crap trucker hats
Now I'm staying in
having a chat about V.A.T Ive got Wilma the dog
Im contemplating a cat
Track Name: The name "tonic wine"does not imply health giving or medicinal properties
We could sleep in the bags under my eyes like hammocks This bad lucks surely got to end soon
I spent most of this week
In anything with an elasticated waste
I Wont to drop to my hands and knees like that scene in Platoon I feel like that dying alien in Cocoon
But i only had the one drink.. But i had it 10 times
“Were’s that 10er i lent you”
That phone call ripped out my soul Like a bong smoking Dementour
But I've got to get back on the horse
No i dont mean that horse!
I mean a horse like an animal
Actually i don’t know if i mean a horse like an animal I mean a horse, a horse hypothetical
When i talk about this horse hypothetical or conventional I didn’t mean a horse at all
I ment a bicycle
Lets go to Birds and get an elephants foot
Thats bound to cheer us up
Your way more than anything I've ever deserved Your beautiful
Your ginger cake
If i had a bath and a lizard
You’d be a flake
Id even go as far as to say
Your batenburg
She only had to have the one drink